Maximal Concepts

For thousands of Hong-Kongers and incoming travellers, Maximal Concepts needs no introduction. For the rest of you (I know it hurts, but don’t be ashamed), Maximal Concepts is an award-winning restaurant group based in Hong Kong with over 18 brands under its umbrella. Pretty impressive, huh?

Our client was looking for a digital agency that could manage the SEO, Search Ads & Display Advertising of some of their restaurants to increase the number of bookings coming from those channels.


During these two years of partnership, we have been running regular SEO audits to improve the quality of the code, website performances such as the loading time that plays a crucial part with the final SEO ranking, keywords search to find the best ranking opportunities and adjust our content accordingly, net linking to boost ranking and all of these activities were reported to the digital marketing manager at Maximal Concepts.

The PPC channel was completely managed by Digital Studio as well – we performed intensive keywords researches and campaigns optimization. We provided Maximal Concepts with a monthly reporting of our actions and achievement to keep track of the progress.


We managed to increase SEO traffic by 25% after 6 months and maintain that level during the rest of the contract. As a result, we directly increased the number of bookings coming from the SEO channel. Also, the PPC channel has been dramatically improved – we firstly focused on reducing the cost per click to increase the number of incoming bookings for a similar budget.

Then, our goal was to improve the landing page to increase conversion rate and therefore the number of bookings. We saw an improvement of 36% after 4 months of PPC optimization.