KAMBODJA were looking for an agency to build and maintain a simple and easy-to-use e-commerce website to sell their products online.

I mean... that's what we do, right?


The name KAMBODJA comes from the blending of three words: [KAM]PUCHEA | CAM[BOD]GE | KAMBU[JA]. KAMBODJA is a meaningful brand that promotes ethical fashion.

They give back to the local communities by involving them in the production process and also make donations to an NGO that supports education in Cambodia. Welcome!


To speed up the development process and reduce costs, we have proposed to start developing the website based on a WordPress theme and add important functionalities to the theme such as an e-commerce solution (WooCommerce) where the content manager would be able to update and manage the inventory of products through the CMS.

The design has also been revisited to fit with the brand image of the company: new fonts, layouts, responsive designs and imagery have been integrated into the theme.


We managed to deliver the website within 6 weeks with no bugs and we are now in charge of the maintenance, hosting, updates and security issues that any websites could face.

This service provides KAMBODJA with the peace of mind to have a website fully operational with an uptime of more than 99%.