Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is globally known as the home of your favourite kid's cartoons online - with great free videos & online games.

Well, we've been in charge to develop a new website to promote the launch of their new movie - Despicable Me 3!


We’ve been contacted by Cartoon Network to build a newly branded website for the launch of Despicable Me 3 in Asia. For this project, the client was looking to refresh the template they were using for the previous online competitions.

Also, as the deadlines and final creatives arrive at the last minute from the project owner, we had to deliver the website with no bugs and integrate it with their existing IT system in less than 3 weeks! Challenge accepted…


As soon as the brief and creative content has been received by our team, we started to work on the UI & UX design. Once the design has been validated by the client, we quickly developed the website using HTML, CSS & JS only.

No backend system was needed on our side as the client is managing the entry forms of the game so the data are fully-collected by Cartoon Network. Once the front-end has been completely coded, the integration took place and the client was ready to go live!

Final Note

We also had to work on HTML5 Ads to promote the website with Display Advertising on different online platforms and we were responsible for the development of these ads.

Cartoon Network has managed the full digital campaigns and they were extremely happy with the results. The new website layout has improved by 17% the number of signups compared to the previous game. You’re welcome!