Body Express

Have you heard of EMS (Electro-Muscle Stimulation) before? Well, you're not alone...

That's why we helped BodyExpress to boost their online visibility to get more clients.


BodyExpress, a new startup willing to revolutionise the way people workout – in 20 mins with EMS – were looking to gain online exposure through a series of multi-channel campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords and Display Advertising.

As a small startup looking to get the best ROI for their investment, a digital sales funnel needed to be implemented to understand which channel get the best traction to get leads, free trials and convert into paying customers.


After our market research, we built the digital sales funnel, adding tracking codes to their current website and link it to Google Analytics to fully understand the customer journey.

We launched our first campaign on Facebook and Instagram to boost online exposure on social media, and we followed up with the creation of PPC ads and display ads that were targeting relevant websites.


After a few days, the first results were seen. New potential clients were interested in a free trial and signed up on our landing page.

The digital campaigns were so successful that we managed to double the ads budget to accelerate the development of BodyExpress!