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How to be found online without exploding your marketing budget on advertising? Grow your organic traffic with content marketing of course!

We've been working on the development of their new website focusing on delivering great content in 6 different languages!


Content marketing is relatively simple: create great content on your blog, let Google crawl and rank your website so your content can be found when your targeted users are searching online.

However, this strategy extremely profitable as you don’t pay for traffic as been done by their competitors as well, which makes it even more difficult to rank high if you don’t put a good SEO effort.


Obviously, we can help! In collaboration with Digital Business Labs, we have developed a new website using WordPress which is multilingual and easy to use. Also, updating content is easy, even for a no-technical person.

Secondly, the goal was to collect leads doing inbound marketing, so we intervene in the design process to carefully place call-to-actions and optimise each page to convert.


After a couple of months of work, we managed to launch the new blog and took care of the SEO transition between the old and new website. This was a very important step as the new blog will lose its organic traffic if no redirections have been put in place to prevent that drop.

But we did it and after a couple of months, the conversion increased by 22% and organic traffic naturally increased by 14%.