10 must have digital marketing skills for CEO & Business owners.

Marketing has experienced a huge leap in development over the past decade. With the use of the internet, businesses reach their target clients easily. Technology has bridged the physical gap between clients and business – through digital marketing.

Why digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is one of the effective tools that businesses use nowadays because of its affordability and wide coverage. Billboards are way too expensive for businesses to afford – especially when you are just a starting business owner. With the use of digital marketing, you will be able to promote your products through social media. And since everyone seems hooked to social media and online advertising, this prompts many businesses to venture in creating their own websites and social media profiles where they can interact with their target clients.

But digital marketing does not end in contacting a digital marketing agency to create a website for you. Digital marketing will not succeed if your concern is just to monitor how many people viewed your profiles. For you to harvest the fruits of digital marketing, you have to have the following skills:

#Data Analysis Skills.

Each day, you will be furnished with graphs and numbers about how many views, comments, likes, and shares that your page generated. You have to understand those data and should be able to analyze their implications to your business. The traffic that your keyword generates affects the number of views that your page would get, thus, the chance of your product to reach your target market.

#Paid social media advertising.

Social media has changed how marketing is done. Facebook, for an instance, has made a huge difference when it comes to advertising. However, paid social media advertising are still advised as they give potential tools that you can use to optimize your marketing strategies. Through paid advertisements, you will be able to customize the list of audience you want your ad to see, thus increasing the possibility of reaching the right audience for your ad.

#Social media marketing Skills.

This is the most effective way to reach your target clients – even your market is as young as teenagers. Social media skills include understanding which tools to use. For example, the effective use of hashtags, a type of metadata tagging on Facebook and Twitter has huge effects on how an audience would perceive your product or services. Hashtags links your metadata with other related topics that use the same tag across the platform.

#Email marketing.

Emails are important and powerful marketing tools, too. Sending emails to a list of people interested in your product is an effective tool. It will be more effective if you got to tap the right database with the list of target clients.

#Search engine optimization (SEO) Skills.

If you are into the new era of marketing today, it pays a huge help if you have skills in SEO. This allows you to use effective keywords that generate the traffic to your website. To generate more views (traffic), you have to use the correct content writing.

#Platform Skills.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Ads, etc., have different approaches to effective digital marketing. There is no generic way to do marketing that each platform will use. Facebook is more on interactions while Twitter is more on texts and Pinterest focuses on pictures. If you are skilled enough to recognize these tools and their different uses, you will be able to create an effective marketing tool for each one.

#Content Writing skills.

In relation to SEO skills, you should have the skills to write effective content. Whether you are running a blog, publishing infographic, eBooks, etc., your content should be or utmost quality.

#Mobile marketing.

Digital marketing also interacts with mobile platforms. The use of smartphones nowadays also creates an avenue for marketing. There are lighter versions of ads and marketing tools that businesses can use for mobile platforms.

#Viral marketing.

Marketing is a fast and up-to-date industry and you have to keep up. Look for trending and viral platforms and websites that you can work on to make your product a trending topic, too!

#Visual marketing.

Texts bore people. They prefer visuals.Whether you plan to venture in outbound or inbound marketing, make sure that you use effective visuals to catch the attention of your audience. These visuals must be unique, strong and commands action.


Digital marketing can make or break your business. With the proper skills and technical know-hows, you must be updated for marketing demands and trends. These will keep you abreast of the best things in the market that you can apply for your own business benefits.