Recent work

We have been delighted to work for some amazing clients, and here is a snapshot of our work.

Our clients range from local startups to large corporations. We're open ;)

  • Website

Cartoon Network

It's time to play and win on our branded website!

  • Advertising
  • , SEO

Maximal Concepts

Boost table bookings with SEO, PPC & Display Ads.

  • Advertising
  • , SEO
  • , Website

Body Express

How to attract more clients to your fitness studio.

  • Advertising

Flex Studio

Increase your online visibility with targeted advertising.

  • CRM & Email
  • , Digital Strategy
  • , SEO
  • , Website

Plan Your Finances

From zero to hero: the story behind financial planning.

  • Website

New Digital Noise

Boost conversion with a new User Experience.

  • Website


A brand new website to promote ethical fashion.

  • Digital Strategy
  • , Website

Asia Quality Focus

Multilingual website optimised for leads generation.


A little glitch of our studio, which is completely decentralised. We love flexibility and work with a pool of talented freelancers from all around the world.

Starting from the bottom and now we're here?


Nicolas has started this agency in 2015 when he moved to Hong Kong. He was looking for a job but has been offered two freelance jobs so he took them and started Digital Studio. From that point, Nicolas has been working with freelancers to build and manage the digital projects of our prestigious worldwide clients.



No complicated forms to fill in to quality you on our sales funnel... Why is life becoming so complicated?

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